At ProActive ReSolutions we value relationships, innovation and authentic leadership. To that end we provide ongoing admin support to the Environmental Entrepreneurs Support Initiative (EESI) in Cape Town, South Africa. EESI supports young leaders of exceptional ability, who are already realising outcomes that advance environmental sustainability, and who are at a point in their careers where they are looking for support that enhances their leadership capacities. Since its inception over six years ago, the initiative has expedited the development of over 100 young environmental entrepreneurs. The initiative has seen the research capacities of early career academics heightened, the capacity of young environmental advocates strengthened, business and entrepreneurial skills boosted, and the leadership development of young grassroots environmental entrepreneurs fast-tracked. ProActive also points the reader to the major funder of EESI, The Mauerberger Foundation, together with the Global Risk Governance Programme at the University of Cape Town for their fabulous and critical support of this wonderful initiative. 

For more information on EESI visit: http://www.grgp.uct.ac.za/eesi, or try ProActive at https://think-proactive.com